It’s an excellent time to be a Michigander, particularly if you’re living in the metro Detroit area. After more than its fair share of tough breaks, this city and its people are experiencing a wonderful revitalization thanks to an influx of new, exciting businesses. These days, the city is packed with cool start-ups, hip restaurants and coffee shops!

While the businesses coming to Detroit are new, many of the buildings they’re working in are stunning relics of another time. This wealth of historic architecture is a testament to the city’s rich, storied history—and it certainly means that Detroit is a great place for a party! 

Whether you’re planning a wedding, corporate event or family gathering, you won’t want to miss out on these unique and historic Detroit venues!

The Guardian Building

One of the best things about Detroit is its gorgeous, historic buildings, and no structure exemplifies this better than the Guardian Building—otherwise known as “Detroit’s Cathedral of Finance.” 

This striking skyscraper was erected in 1929, and it has all the decorative markers of the era. From the moment you approach the entrance, you can feast your eyes on the art deco decor, vaulted ceiling covered in intricate colored tile and even a mural of Michigan! This National Historic Landmark has an enchanting atmosphere that needs to be seen in order to truly understand its grandeur. 

The Guardian Building is the ideal space for anyone who wants to host an event in a historic Detroit venue. Your guests will be awestruck at the amazing architecture, and you can celebrate your big moment in a literal piece of this city’s soul—what could be better? 

Packard Proving Grounds Packard Proving Grounds 

If you’re looking for a venue that truly reflects the spirit of Motor City, the Packard Proving Grounds is a must-see. This 17-acre site was originally home to the Packard Motor Car Company, and the venue still boasts eight classic Packards that guests can use for their events. It’s a beautiful, lush venue full of gorgeous greenery and classic buildings designed by legendary architect Albert Kahn. 

At the Packard Proving Grounds, you can drive into your wedding in a classic 1950s convertible, get married amid a grove of green trees and host a reception in a repurposed repair garage. This is a truly unique Detroit venue, and it’s the perfect choice for vintage car-loving couples or folks who want their event to have some old-fashioned sophistication. 

Royal Oak Farmers Market

Let’s say you’re planning a large event, like a corporate party or fundraiser. You’re looking for a venue in Detroit that can hold lots and lots of people, and the cooler it is, the better. Well, we have one suggestion for you: check out the Royal Oak Farmers Market

This venue is ultra spacious (23,000 square feet!), with an open floor plan that gives you plenty of room to get creative. It’s also a beloved piece of Michigan history; the market was originally established in 1925, and the permanent space was built in 1927. If you want a historic venue that you can transform to suit your needs, you can’t do better than this Farmers Market.

Royal Oak Farmers Market

Holly Vault 

If the previous venues here on our list represent Detroit’s history, the Holly Vault is the ultimate representation of the city’s revitalization. This incredible event space was actually a bank building in the 1860s, but today, it’s a full-service venue, complete with a bar (inside the bank vault), on-site catering and event planning options. 

Located just outside Detroit in Holly, Michigan, the Holly Vault is a great space for couples who want a quaint, quirky atmosphere for their wedding day. The grand banquet hall can handle parties large or small, and their catering team will do anything to make sure your event is a dream.

The Whiskey Factory

If you’re looking for a unique atmosphere and relaxed vibes from a historic event space, then Detroit’s beloved Whiskey Factory is your place. The 5000-square-foot distillery dream, which has long been at the epicenter for alcohol production in Detroit, will transport you to the 1920s with vintage details like a freight elevator, original bar and aged whiskey barrels. At the same time, it’s retains a polished, refined setting that will elevate your wedding or other important event.

Treat your guests to a batch of artisanal cocktails or a whiskey tasting. The Whiskey Factory’s unique offerings are locally sourced and organic, and will certainly help you create a one-of-a-kind experience.  

No matter what kind of event you’re planning, the team at Katherine’s is here to help you make it a success. If you have any questions about Detroit venues, click here to get in touch with our event planning and catering professionals today!