Can you believe that summer is halfway over? Soon, the temperatures will drop, the kids will head back to school…and football season will be back! If we’re honest, this is one of our favorite times of the year, and we only need four words to explain why: Ann Arbor tailgate parties!

Whether you want to rep the hometown team (Go Lions!), celebrate your alma mater (Go Blue!) or just have a great sports-themed event, our team can help your event hit it out of the park (okay, maybe we’re mixing sports metaphors here, but trust us—our tailgates are great)! We are known for providing exceptional catering for awesome tailgate parties throughout Ann Arbor and surrounding Michigan locations. Here’s what we can do for yours:

Tailgate in Michigan

Show off your team’s colors

We’ve been helping our clients plan memorable tailgate parties all over the Ann Arbor area for over 30 years. We’ve hosted events at Ann Arbor Golf and Outing, Pioneer High School, The Blue House, people’s backyards, even the stadium parking lot! Our philosophy is simple: if there’s a space for fans to gather, we can have a party.

Centerpiece Tables School Themed Centerpieces

Our tailgates are full of life, energy and color—the teams’ colors, to be specific. We have a ball creating brightly colored decor that pays tribute to both teams so everyone can have a great time! Whether you’re rooting for the home team or the visiting challengers, you can rep your team’s colors with banners, themed snacks and fun drinks (ice luge, anyone?).

Crowd-pleasing eats

Of course, what’s a tailgate party without food that cranks up everyone’s team spirit? Luckily, delicious food is our middle name—in fact, our commitment to great taste and customized menus has made us the local tailgate experts! We’ll make sure to tailor our menu for the season (hot cocoa and comfort food for winter games, iced drinks and cold dishes in the summer).

Tailgat BBQ Food at EventDesserts at Tailgate

All of our menu options are fresh, creative and incredibly tasty. Best of all, we work hard to make sure every menu is customized to meet your specific needs. You can choose from a variety of menus (U of M fans may want to check out our “Go Blue!” tailgate option), then make tweaks or substitutions to better serve you and your guests.

Our customers have said that they “loved the creativity of the tailgate options on the website” and the “flexibility to customize the one we chose.” This personalized system is great for folks whose guests have specific dietary preferences, but it’s also a great way to help you make the party more your own. After all, food (and football) is what brings people together; you’d better feed the people something they really, really love!

Booking your tailgate party

We have to admit, we’re very excited for tailgate season to start up. We just love hosting these events! The lively energy of the guests, the fresh fall air, the anticipation of the big game—football season is great, and all that excitement is contagious! Even after 33 years in business, our team looks forward to this time of year. And do you know why? Because of our amazing, enthusiastic customers!

Our team is ready to go the distance to ensure you have a memorable tailgate. We offer a wide range of services from catering to top-to-bottom event planning. So you can do as much or as little work as you’d like. We can have your tailgate ready to go as quickly as two days after you order (though we’ll admit, we deeply appreciate advance notice). As one of our customers said last season, “Staff are wonderful and go above and beyond. Our coordinator was on top of everything and we were ready!”

Michigan Tailgate and Food

If you want to host an incredible tailgate party this year (the kind people will still be talking about next season), give us a call today. You can click here to get in touch with our team, and we’ll help you put together a fantastic Ann Arbor tailgate party.