About Katherine’s Catering


Our Vision

Memorable moments and milestones created fresh everyday

Our Mission

To provide creative full-service special events catering with delicious food, warm hospitality and creative flair at every opportunity

Our Brand Pledge

  • From your first call through your last guest, our thoughtful, genuine and accommodating nature will shine through.
  • Our planning staff will diligently and wholeheartedly work with you to make your ideas and vision become a reality.
  • Our themed event designs will be artistic, harmonious, and original.
  • Our culinary creations will inspire the senses through their innovation, style, and freshness.
  • Our service staff will exude steadfast hospitality and graciousness at every turn.


Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of food does Katherine’s specialize in?

Given 25+ years of catering experience, Katherine’s culinary team has a lot to offer. Our creations inspire the senses through their innovation, style and freshness, and are layered with flavors that transport you from season to season. Take a look at our suite of menus, and you’ll understand the depth of our food. The best part? We add to and change our menus seasonally, and are always open to taking care of special dietary needs, including vegan, vegetarian, gluten free and celiac. Our culinary team produces every day of the week, preparing our bold vinaigrettes, spicy salsas, textured sauces, intricate hors d’oeuvres, one of a kind entrees and delicious desserts-all in house. Our food starts with the best ingredients, and from there we incorporate intense flavors, international style and food that makes sense for your occasion.

Can you help me find and reserve my venue?

Absolutely! There is an extensive list of preferred venues on our website. It’s a great place to start to search for your ideal location. We’re happy to help you reserve your desired venue and set up a complimentary site visit, once you find the perfect fit.

Do I pick my menu, or do you?

We love for our clients to browse through our menu suggestions to get the flavor of our offerings. From there, we encourage you to discuss your preferences with our event planning team, and let them guide you. They have great insight into what food items will work best for your event-and they’ve tasted our food. If you already know what you’d like to order, we help direct you with appropriate quantities and a well-balanced menu.

How much does it cost to have my event catered?

Catering prices vary depending on the menu, duration, time of day, guest list, event purpose, and service levels. That’s why we are a custom caterer–our pricing is based on what you really need to produce a great event. Starting with the food and service, we specify the additional services you’ll need, then create a custom proposal with an itemized cost estimate. We also offer a complimentary tasting, once you have your menu ideas semi-solidified. We are generally able to work within a desired budget by prioritizing what’s most important.

How do I calculate how much food I need to order for my event?

From experience and industry guidelines, we have standards that provide a great starting point. It helps to know who your guests are, and any insight you might have into their tastes. If you select a buffet style meal, we recommend 2-3 entrees (one vegetarian) and several sides. For a cocktail party, 5-8 pieces and for a heavy hors d’oeuvre party 12-14 pieces per guest.

Do I provide my own alcohol?

Some of our clients prefer to provide their own alcohol, however most have us manage this for them. When Katherine’s orders the alcohol, we work with our regular suppliers to determine quantities based on the specifics of your event, and make your wine, champagne and alcohol selections for you. For the majority of our events, we supply the bar set mixers and set up, as well as certified bartenders. (Does not apply to Summit On The Park locations, please refer to Summit FAQ for more details.)

What are my service options with Katherine’s?

We believe flexibility is important, and that every event is different. That’s why we’ve created several service options.

Pick – Up Cold with re-heating instructions or Warm and ready to eat – Packed and ready for pick up when you arrive, we’ll load you order into your car! You’ll just need help on the other end.

Delivery and Set-Up to your location – Our delivery staff will bring your order to your location, set up the food, place the serving utensils, arrange the food signs and remove the covers-ready for your guests to enjoy.

Fully Serviced Events – Our hospitable service team will arrive a couple of hours before your start time to unload, set up the back of the house, buffet, food stations and guest tables, then place the linens and decorative elements. For large scale events, a day before set up is recommended. The food is delivered fresh closer to your start time, while our expert team manages the food and beverage service, takes care of your guests and cleans up-the ultimate luxury for hosts and guests alike. Our bartenders are TAM certified, and our service team is professional trained.

Should I order my own tables, chairs and tents for my event, or do you do that for me?

For most of our clients we organize the rentals and create a floor diagram for you. If you have already secured tables, chairs and a tent, we are happy to work with you to be sure you’ve ordered what you you’ll need for your event. Many of our preferred venues have their own tables and chairs and may be included in your facility rental fee.

Other Notable Items

We take care of special dietary needs: celiac, gluten free, vegan, organic (see more on our Menus Page)

All our disposables are biodegradable, eco friendly, we cater all green events

We work hard to meet your budget while still keeping the high standard of our food and service

We are a full service event company, we can transform any space into what you envision for your event, with draping, lighting, backdrops, and props

We design and arrange our own florals (see more on our Event Design Page)

We take shortcode

We have certified bartenders

We can cater anywhere on campus (Rackham, Umma, Alumni center, Palmer commons, Jack Roth and more) plus off campus (see more on our Service Area Page)