Planning an event is about strengthening business relationships, making new connections, spurring innovation, and, ultimately, setting your business up for long-term success. From the moment guests enter your event until the moment they head home, it’s all about creating that lasting impression.

A successful conference or grand opening can create a ripple effect across an entire industry. This is how innovation often begins—by one business inspiring another. Other events offer the opportunity for team building and morale boosting. People certainly remember the company retreats and parties that bring people closer and compel them to do their best work together.

Our team is known for creating impactful corporate events across Ann Arbor and surrounding areas. We understand the pressure that comes with planning a professional function that is intrinsically tied to company image. Here’s how we will partner with you during your next event to ensure it’s a sophisticated, stress-free experience.

Scallops Entree at Corporate Event

Polished service that makes you look good

Event service is a major indicator of a corporate event’s success. It’s what sticks with many people long after it’s over. They remember the setup, its flow, accessibility and how smooth everything went between sessions and speeches.

The way a business event feels and looks should be reflective of a company or an organization. Some clients, for example, care about using compostable disposables with composting bins. It’s important to recognize guests’ environmental responsibility and how that has an impact on their image and how they would like to be perceived. This means that their catering partner, who is on the front lines serving guests, should represent them well.

Katherine's Corporate Catering Buffet

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Custom menus full of variety

Many corporate clients appreciate the ability to customize a diverse menu that has something for everyone. Regardless of your dietary preferences or needs—gluten-free, nut allergies, vegan or vegetarian—we are passionate about and skilled at concocting menus that lead to an appealing culinary experience for all your guests.

It’s important the menus match the specific type and purpose of an event. Cocktail party? Opt for passed appetizers that will keep everyone full yet ready to mingle. How about a grand opening? Strolling stations will encourage guests to move around and interact with each other.

We would be honored to help you craft the ideal menu for your next event.

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Plated Meal at Corporate Event

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Everything you need in one place

Many companies look to the usual conference centers or hotels as the ideal location for their meetings. Though there is value to this, oftentimes companies are looking to shake up the routine and are seeking more unique spaces that offer more personalized experiences.

For over 30 years, we’ve catered corporate events at many incredible venues across Michigan, including Summit on the Park and Lyons Oaks. Both locations offer a break from the conference center life and allow for one-of-a-kind corporate experiences. We know these spaces inside and out, and they provide us with the confidence and flexibility to guarantee everything you need to have a smooth event.

On the other hand, we’d be more than happy to bring your meeting TO YOU regardless of your event. We have access to many incredible vendor partners like Russell Video and Event Source. They help us with everything from lighting and staging to dance floors and wood fired ovens to produce an exceptional event people remember. Contact us for a list of preferred vendors.

Safari Themed Corporate Event Custom

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Local events with hometown pride

So many Michigan businesses have serious hometown pride, and they care about showing their business partners a great time while they’re here. Whether it’s selecting local ingredients or partnering with other vendors who reflect our values of creativity, quality and personalization, we can make sure it represents the authentic, hometown experience you’re looking to share with your guests.

Planning an event? We can help!

We’d be honored to partner with you on your upcoming event. Our team is made of trained, detail-oriented professionals who go above and beyond to meet our clients’ needs. We would be happy to answer any questions you have for us. Reach out today!