Brat and Chicken Outdoor Event Food

We don’t know about our fellow Michiganders, but we are feeling the beautiful weather! There’s something about a good summertime breeze that makes us want to celebrate the wonderful moments and people in our lives. A young adult finishing school. An important company milestone. A marriage between two incredible people.

There is a lot to consider when planning an outdoor Ann Arbor event, regardless of the occasion. Who is the party or special gathering for? What colors, themes and foods are reminiscent of the important honoree? Do any of your team members have special dietary preferences? What’s for dessert? What kind of entertainment is available to get this party started?

Planning an important company picnic, family reunion or graduation celebration is a thoughtful undertaking you shouldn’t have to tackle alone. We love creating fun, memorable outdoor events for families and businesses in Ann Arbor and throughout southeast Michigan. Here is what our creative catering team can do for you:

Mouthwatering menu items

Choosing the right eats will certainly help set the mood for any outdoor gathering. If you’re planning a graduation party, consider a menu full of your grad’s favorite cuisines and flavors. Gourmet hot dogs, a crisp summer salad, a casual Southern-style BBQ—whether it’s on a bun or in a salad, every item on your menu should be fresh, delicious and matched to fit your event.

Our outdoor menu is full of everything from crowd favorites to themed arrangements. For your next Ann Arbor business event, try our Classic Outdoor Picnic selection. It includes summer favorites like hamburgers, hot dogs, veggie burgers and BBQ chicken breasts coated in a delicious cherry BBQ sauce. Sides include molasses baked beans, chipotle potato salad and Parmesan pasta salad.

Katherine's Outdoor Event Food

Another delicious option is California Dreaming. It features turkey feta burgers, black bean sliders, French fingerling potato salad, Asian vegetable salad and watermelon salad.

Your picnic or outdoor gathering can feature a traditional-style menu or a more eclectic collection of foods. Of course, it all depends on you and your guests’ unique tastes and preferences. We have a variety of menu selections for every type of outdoor event and price point. Be sure to check out our full menu for more menu ideas!

Adding personal flair to your outdoor event

Every outdoor event should feel like it was created for its intended purpose or special guest of honor. This is why it’s essential for clients to partner with a caterer that goes beyond food. Really, it’s the personal details that truly give a celebration its meaning, which is one of our favorite parts of the event creation process. This is where we get to learn about what matters the most to our client. It’s what inspires us.

Furthermore, we can dress your event in all styles of linens and decor that convey the exact message you want to share with your guests. Anything you need, from ice cream carts and gelato trucks to specialty menu cards—we have the important extras you’re looking for.

Bring on the fun

What’s an outdoor event without a little music or activity? After a hearty meal, many of your guests will certainly be eager to dance, play and converse. We can help you coordinate the entertainment to liven up any outdoor atmosphere. Tents, bouncy houses for the kids, giant Jenga towers—it’s always important to provide activities for guests of all ages.

People remember so much more than the catering at any outdoor event. They remember the funny moments, the heartwarming toasts and hours of fun. Above all, it’s the experience we strive to create. If you need help planning your next special Ann Arbor event, we’d love to hear more about how we can help. Connect with us!