Thanksgiving is emptier without the people you love and care about. That’s why you spend so much time before a special gathering rearranging chairs around your dining room, why you stay up late baking that extra batch of cookies—the ones that only your family knows how to make. You want everything to be just right so you can rekindle and create new memories together.

Treat the important people in your life to a meal that will do more than satisfy appetites—it will serve as a powerful reminder as to why you’re celebrating in the first place. After all, taste has a deeply rooted memory.

Whether you’re planning a family gathering or workplace celebration, we’d love to help you fill your holiday with warmth and gratitude. Here are some ways we can do so together:

Thanksgiving Meal and Catering with Katherine's


Baked Goods Inspired by Family

Our creative team lives for this holiday and enjoys pulling from their own stash of family recipes and meaningful memories. For example, our baker and pastry chef extraordinaire Arie Bates has Irish roots and pulls menu inspiration from family recipes.

The Sweet Potato Muffin is one such recipe that is both unique and flavorful. It’s prepared from whole roasted sweet potatoes that are blanketed in ginger, cinnamon, clove and allspice, then topped with a crunchy layer of raw sugar. The marshmallows add the perfect amount of whimsy to the mix.

There’s nothing quite like the sight of steam rising off fresh baked goods—especially around Thanksgiving time. Our bakery items—like the Farmhouse Rolls, Sweet Potato Muffins, Pilgrim Pumpkin Pie and Sweet Endings Package—are some of our customers’ favorite selections off our Thanksgiving menu.

Farmhouse Rolls


Local Ingredients & Wholesome Meals

Every piece of food on our menu is made in-house—using all the freshest locally sourced ingredients we can get our hands on at the Eastern Market in Detroit. Healthy, hearty eats make our clients happy. We use real butter and olive oil and only fresh vegetables. Every potato is peeled, steamed and whipped with real cream and unsalted butter—simple but delicious!

Fresh Vegetables at Farm Fresh Thanksgiving Meals


Fresh from the Farms

We focus on making each dish nutritious for our clients. This is why it’s important to us that we offer farm-raised turkey that’s directly sourced from Chestnut Growers Inc., whose mission is to find local farmers and food artisans who use production methods that are healthy, humane and sustainable.

Not to mention, the taste of farm-raised turkey is phenomenal. Our bird is lightly brined, which makes it perfectly salted, stuffed with fresh thyme sprigs, rubbed with seasonings and baked until golden. Chef Cole, who absolutely loves cooking Thanksgiving meals for our clients, uses fresh cranberries for his sauce, adding cinnamon, orange zest and juice, a hint of clove and raw sugar.


Another important farm ingredient is honey. Our Great Lakes Honey used in the honey butter comes from Sleeping Bear Farms in Northern Michigan.

Cooking with farm-raised products has become a growing value to our clients as they learn about the importance of quality ingredients and locally produced foods as it impacts their meals, health and community.


We were amazed with the quality and quantity of the food. The complete experience was beyond my expectations. Thank you again.


Creating Meaningful Memories

Thanksgiving truly is about bringing families and workplaces together, good meals, and making memories. It’s one of the reasons why our team is inspired by the work we do. Our family, and of our clients, so many of whom have become extended family over the years, continue to be our reason for this season.

We’d love to hear about the Thanksgiving gathering you’re planning. Let us know how we can help!